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9 August
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I started this journal to keep track of the Harry Potter fan fiction that I post to various communities I belong to, and that's still predominantly what you'll find here. My fiction is mostly short stuff, and varies quite a bit in tone and content, according to my whims; my favorite pairing is Remus/Sirius, but I also write quite a bit of genfic and the occasional rarepair.

I sometimes do art or graphics, such as my 12 Grimmauld Place floorplans, and dabble in other fandoms.

You can click on the links above to see my masterlists of fandom posts, or use the tags on the journal's front page. I also keep lists of interesting things I've found in old magazines and whatnot, including Victoriana and vintage ads.

You're welcome to look around, or friend as you like; though please note that a few things here are rated NC-17, for adults only.

This graphic was made by alyxbradford as the prize for the 30_hath music-themed fic contest:

Stubby Boardman rocks the vote

And this fabulous drawing by ani_bester was the prize for the 2006 Peter ficathon.

Two Traitors